2016 US Midwest “Chinese Bridge” Speech Contest

DePaul University will host the 15th US Midwest “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Speech Contest on April 23, 2016. 70 Contestants from 15 universities in the Midwest region will be at DePaul to showcase their Chinese language skills and cultural talent. See this poster for more information.

Chinese bridge Poster

Parking and Transportation:

Travel to DePaul University (Lincoln Park Campus):

The contest part will take place at Schmitt Academic Center (SAC), 2320 N. Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.


DePaul University is served by both CTA train and bus service.


  • Red Line – nearest stop: Fullerton
  • Brown Line-Fullerton
  • Purple Line-Fullerton


  • #74 Fullerton Avenue
  • #11 Lincoln Avenue
  • #8 Halsted Street


Divvy is Chicago’s bike sharing system, with thousands of bikes and hundreds of stations throughout the city. Several Divvy stations are located near DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus. For more information and pricing, please visit www.divvybikes.com.

For more information on public transit in Chicago including fare information, visit the CTA website: http://www.transitchicago.com/
Google Maps provide excellent transit directions for Chicago.


If you drive to DePaul University, you may park either on streets outside the SAC building or in nearby parking areas. For more information, check DePaul’s parking info website: https://resources.depaul.edu/parking-services/types-of-parking/Pages/visitor-parking.aspx .We will provide validated parking tickets when you check in at the registration desk. Please show your validated ticket when exiting the parking lot to waive your parking fees.

Travel from DePaul to MingHin Cuisine:

The award ceremony & banquet will take place at MingHin Cuisine in Chicago Chinatown, 2168 S Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60616.


If you take public transit, you can either travel to MingHin Cuisine by yourself or follow our student workers who will guide groups to travel from DePaul Lincoln Park Campus to MingHin Cuisine (Red Line-South Bound Train from Fullerton to Cermak-Chinatown). Please prepare your own CTA ride fare (click here for CTA fare rate). 


If you drive, this is MingHin Cuisine’s address: 2168 S Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60616. Tel:  (312) 808-1999. Chicago Chinatown has metered parking lots. The restaurant will provide discounted parking tickets ($2 for 3 hours).

List of Contestants:

Group 1 (Contest Room: Levan Center 501):

Alexander Balizado/白文正 Why I Love Basketball/为什么我爱篮球 I See the Light/我可以明白
Andrew Fluegel 费安竺 Why I study Chinese/我为什么学中文 Reading a Chinese Poem/读中文诗
Connor Doyle 柯俊楠 My Chinese Class 我的中文课 N/A
Courtney Stobbie 施可妮 Chinese Teachers, You Make My Chinese Dream Come True 中文老师,我的圆梦人 Chinese rap 中文说唱《甜蜜蜜》
Cynthia Padron / 辛严 Why I Like Chinese Painting / 为什么我喜欢中国画 Traditional Chinese Brush Painting / 中国传统国画
E Caitlin Brown, 和紫萱 The Concept of Home, 家的概念 Chinese Dance, 中国舞
Edward Kuhns 孔华德 My Family  我的家庭 singing 唱歌
Ellen Jensen 简艾乐 中国城在哪?Where is Chinatown? Sorry, my Chinese is bad. 对不起,我的中文不好
Gyeom Kim My purpose of leaning Chinese Sing a Chinese song
Haeun Kim 金贺恩 From Seoul to Beijing 从首尔到北京 Singing and Dancing 唱歌和跳舞
Heather Brevard 包海莉 My Chinese Dream 我的中国梦 Peking Opera 京剧
Hoshi Colina A Sunny Day – 一个晴天 A Sunny Day – 一个晴天
Jessica Grimes 林 杰 茜 How I Met My Boyfriend 我和我男朋友的故事 I see the light,  我 可以 明白
Joseph Sierotko 席洲 The travel to China 中国之旅 N/A
Kristen Smaga Watch Shows to Learn Chinese 看电视学中文 Singing “The Moon Represents My Heart” 唱歌“月亮代表我的心“
Kristin Andrejko 柯思婷 学中文 Learning Chinese 诗朗诵《盼望》 Poem Reading of “Be Longing For”
Maarit Mönttinen, 马丽君 Study abroad in China Music performance
Parker Shattuck 石天磊 My University 我的大学 N/A
Pema Namgyal It is me Song
Spencer Miner the Search for the Magic Monkey Taichi Performance
Stephanie Tapp China in my eye 我眼中的中国 piano 钢琴
Tatiana Saranina 桑克娜 Is Chinese hard? 中文难不难? Katusha 喀秋莎
Teshurah Lee 李珊珊 China and Me In the field of hope 在希望的田野上(殷秀梅)
Tyler Belin 周泰乐 My Journey with Chinese 中文之旅 Chinese Poem Reading 中文诗朗诵
Yumi Yasumoto Why am I learning Chinese,我为什么要学习中文 Calligraphy

Group 2(Contest Room: Levan Center 505):

Alec D’Alelio 刘可阳 空气污染的问题 中国歌曲
Alyssa Flanders 范莉莉 Jackie Chan movies 成龙的电影 Kungfu comedy
Doyinsade Awodele (伍碧娥) 一个人的两个文化 Chinese Song (
Emilie Jones; 吴梅丽 Building Bridges with Words; 语言是沟通的桥梁 If the Mountains don’t move, the water will; 山不转谁转
Hope Marshall 孟无双 我最敬爱的,崇拜的人 时间都去哪儿了 Where did the time go
Jerome Janczy 金杰力 In the 21st Century bring China & the US together”. 在21世纪,让我们 ”在一起“。 Friend, 朋友
Juliana Pellino 朱丽雅 I wish 我希望 You speak especially fast! 你说得特别快!
Maria Heath 季雅玫 The Differences Between Chinese and American Culture 中美文化的差异 Sing a Chinese Song 唱中文歌
Matthew Foldi/福漫天 我在杭州看越剧 水调歌头
Noah Perry 彭舟 My Chinese Dream 我的中国梦 Chinese Calligraphy 书法
Patrick Spanier 史派克 Business in China 商业在中国 Singing Beijing welcomes you 北京欢迎你
Samuel Kaplan 中国人还是美国人? Chinese or American? 相亲相爱的一家人 Family
Timothy Leplae (乐天杰) 儒家思想 (Confucianism) 月亮代表我的心
Tucker Penney 彭克 The Magic of My Chinese Name 我的中文名字的魔力 Chinese song 《朋友》

Group 3(Contest Room: Levan Center 505):

Amy Seo 徐瑞英 I’m sorry, I don’t understand Chinese. 对不起,我不能说中文。 Chinese Tongue Twisters 绕口令
Austin Babb 贝杰 China Using Sugarcane to Generate Electricity 中国开始用甘蔗发电 N/A
Garrett Schuman 许可儒 南腔北调:中国的方言现象 The Phenomenon of China’s Dialects 独上西楼 Alone on the West Tower
Jeanie Ryu 柳智恩 Where are you from? 你是从哪儿来的? poetry recital 诗歌朗诵
Kat Thien 谭可琳 Learning Chinese makes me a good teacher 学中文实现了我的园丁梦 Chinese song “Vain Longing” 中文歌《枉凝眉》
Lily Hahn-Sittig 韩莉莉 Expressing one’s will with Calligraphy and feelings with music 以书言志,以乐传情 Violin solo The Butterfly Lovers 小提琴独奏《梁祝》
Martin Miller, 米马丁 和平之声 唱歌
Natasha Brasfield/田丽玫 My Lifetime Wish/我这辈子的愿望 Anthem of the Lonely/哥的寂寞
Seung Hyeon (Rachel) Oh, 吳承炫 To Me, Beijing People are Red.; 对我北京人是红红的。 Calligraphy, 书法
Sienna Gonzalez 宫雅兰 全球变暖 Global Warming 甜蜜密

Group 4(Contest Room: Levan Center 506):

Carol Renneburg 任凯茹 My Chinese Dream 我的中国梦 Tai chi fan dance 太极舞
Chris Lewis 张伟 汉语的魅力 The Charm of Chinese 《童年》乌克丽丽弹唱 <Childhood> Ukulele and Singing Performance
Jenna Busha 宁静 网络犯法 Cyber Crime 哭笑不得 Not knowing whether to laugh or cry
JonZachary Forbes 胡柏君 中美差异 ”我为你歌唱“-曲婉婷
Joshua Pauls 乔问识 Intermingling of East and West 中西文化之融合 Cross Talk 相声
Joshua Pine   松凯义 睡狮醒来 The Sleeping Lion Awakes 相声 Cross Talk
Katherine Mumma (木纯) 现在我懂了/Now I understand 书法
Keiondre Goodwin 王思南 “The Secret to Learning to Chinese Successfully” 学习中文的秘诀 “Little Fang” by Khalil Fong《小方》方大同
Ko-Wun Kim 金可文 Where are you from? 你是哪国人? Poetry Reading 诗歌朗诵
Sarah Swetz 黄莎莎 我的汉语梦 邓丽君 《但愿人长久》 Teresa Teng “Wishing We Last Forever”
Seunghoon Hong 洪承薰 My Chinese Dream 我的中国梦 Chinese song 中文歌曲
Thomas Davis暮羽 舞动中国 Move China with Dance 中国古典舞Chinese Classical Dance 吹葫芦丝Play Hulusi
Tyler Bennett 班天瑞 我所体验到的文化 The Culture I Have Experienced 花房姑娘 Greenhouse Girl
Zack Sturm/肖昭旷 Are Young People Virtuous or Not?/年轻人道德不道德? Reciting Chinese Poem/背诗

Group 5(Contest Room: Levan Center 506):

Eric Lee 李泊涯 Tribute to my Grandpa 我爷爷 Tongue Twister
Inez Yu 俞上潔 My Experience Learning Chinese 学中文的有趣经历 The Moon Represents My Heart 月亮代表我的心
Mishy Wang, 王祎涵 Two Worlds, One Soul 一个灵魂,两个世界 大中国, Big China

Group 6(Contest Room: Levan Center 506):

Bo Yuan Peng 彭博源 美容手术,之我所见 中国歌曲
Bradley Wright 楊文德 中國在Valpo讀書的經歷 My Experience Studying at Valpo 念詩 Reading Poetry
Casey Chen 陈宗琪 比读书更重要的事; Life’s Most Important Aspect 相声: 中文的奥秘;Sketch: Chinese Expressions
Weipeng Zhang 张伟鹏 我在美国的成长过程 中国歌

Participating Universities:

Colorado State University
Confucius Institute at Wayne State University
DePaul University
Indiana University- Bloomington
Lake Forest College
Loyola University, Chicago
Luther College
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
University of Kansas
University of Minnesota
University of Notre Dame
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Valparaiso University

Contest Judge Committee:

Li-cheng Gu (Northwestern University, Committee Chair)
Bruce Dong (Huanghe Art Group)
Julia Kessel (New Trier High School)
Wen-Chen Mao (Chicago Public School)
Yichen Shao (Chicago Public School)
Fengli Wang (Chicago Public School)
Weifang Wang (Highland Park High School)
Jane Yang (Chicago Public School)
Xiaosi Yang (Chicago City College)
Sunny Zhang (Performance Consulting Firm)
Xinya Zhang (Columbia College)


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